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Entry 3 Middas 22 of sun's dawn
A group arrived today from some big city. Bought the Lusty Maid inn then made everyone leave. They began working on the building. I lost count of all the things they moved out. Teshura went in to try and get a drink but they turned her away. An Argonian came out and apologized for what was going on. Said his name was golden tongue and he was the leader of the group. He gave out a few free bottles of mead then went back inside. I have a bad feeling about this, but I cannot complain much because Teshura was nice to me for the rest of the day.
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Entry 2, TIrdas 21 of Sun's Dawn
Teshura was not happy i bought the books.Although she admitted it was a good deal she yelled at me insiting i did not have enough time to gouide a lost trader through my woods. Expecially a Khajiit that was probably smuggling skooma and moon sugar.I insisted that not all khajiits do that and she started screaming.She kept yelling that i have alot of orders to fill and being a guide was not one of them. I pride myself with my skill at the forge, and i always fill orders on time. NOt only that but i make enough for us to live a nice, comfortable life. Why Teshura is never pleased i will never understand. I miss the love and joy that we shared around our marraige. NOw i spend most of my time beating out my frustrations at the forge while crafting my wares or cutting up wood for my forge. At least i finished the last damn pickaxe for that mining company. I will NEVER make one of those things again!
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THE BEGINNING, Morndas 20 of sun's dawn
I cannot believe my luck! A Khajiit trader had gotten lost in the grove i use to collect firewood for my forge! He hired me to lead him to the nearest town for a hundred gold! We talked along the way about the empire, what was going on in blackmarsh, and the stormcloak rebellion in skyrim. He was so impressed by our discussions that he sold me a whole stack of blank books for five gold on the condition i keep a journal of my travels. Insisting that i was destined for great things that should be recorded. I hastily agreed and as soon as he left i sat down and wrote this. I cannot wait to show my good fortunes to my wife Teshura!
:icondarmanarya:Darmanarya 0 1
Mature content
things to come :icondarmanarya:Darmanarya 0 4
Hunter's journal 3
June 27
We woke up to find Jack had vanished with some food. We only had enough to eat breakfast and pack up for a day's worth of travel. Anyway i talked to them while were packing up. Ronnie was getting a major in physics while mary and Timmy were getting a chemistry masters. We were all going to the same college too, weird how that works. After that we left. For some weird reason we found only a few zombies during the day, but when  night fell, goddamn. There was hordes everywhere. Since i knew parkour Ronnie gave me a rifle he found next to some beer. Climbed up a couple of things onto a fireescape and opened fire, killed half of the horde before ammo ran dry. Nearly wetted myself when i heard that click of an empty gun and i found the box ronnie had given me full of bullets only had shells left. Luckily somebody shot a car and its alarm went off. I swear the Zombies homed in on that thing. Anyway we managed to sneak away and i was named the new scout. Anyway im writing th
:icondarmanarya:Darmanarya 3 7
Hunter's journal 2
June 25
I'm gonna write this journal from here on out to act as notes for a survival guide in case i ever get the hell outta...well....this hell. I shoulda left with Zach and Brian when i had the chance.
Tip #1 Aim for the head.
The first of the infected were banging on my door first thing this morning while i was trying to sleep. Mad that someone had woken me up so early during my vacation and not thinking straight i opened the door to Betty and a few others grabbing me trying their hardest to take a bite outta me. Luckily i left that handgun that Brian and Zach left me on a table next to the door. wiggled outta their grasp and grabbed it putting a bullet trough their heads just like in the movies in games. Gotta admit it felt good butting a bullet through Betty's cheating head. I barricaded the door and started to pack a backpack planning my next moves.
Im gonna leave tomorrow, Why couldnt have been a test?
june 26
Slippped on my favorite Grey fur-lined hoodie as well as a couple of
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well i decided to do it. Ive been playing skyrim since it came out and ive fallen in love with it. So ive decided to do this. Until the creation kit releases i will create a argonian with which i will keep a journal of all i do. and use it to write his story. keep checking up for when i do it!


United States
Im slightly crazy and love a good time. I am a writer and i am proud to be a furry(if you didnt notice from all the pics in my favorites) and a sprite artist. i help run a sprite webcomic called just another day.
I am also willing to do trades where i write for art.

Current Residence: my house...duh...
Favourite genre of music: dubstep or techno
Favourite style of art: anything that isnbt too modern (i mean cmon! a peice of toast nailed to a black background! )
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Favourite cartoon character: oh god way too many
Personal Quote: i have many. FOR THE GLORY OF THE INFECTORUM! just shoot it in the head already..... WEEEEEEE!


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